Every Small Business Needs a Logo

Here are few reasons why small businesses use logos in the first place.


If you look like a “small-time” business, your customers will want to compensate you like you are indeed “small-time.” They will judge you and your business and figure out what they think you’re really worth. A professional logo will help their judgments shed a positive light on your business.

2. To ATTRACT more Customers :

Before purchasing from any business, people base their ultimate decision on the integrity, prices and look and feel of the business. Having a logo completes the look and feel of your business and in turn helps them make a purchasing decision.

3. To BRAND your Business :

Branding your business is very important, especially today. You need to focus on building a brand that is bigger than yourself and even bigger than your actual company. Your brand is what people care about.

4. It should be MEMORABLE :

You want your customers and clients to come back right? Then give them great service and or products and make sure they remember you. It is a fact that people remember pictures over names. I bet there are many people you remember by face but not necessarily their name. This is the same case with logos. With a professional logo that is unique and memorable, your customers/clients will always tie your business to that logo.


In today’s world, people generally expect for every business to have a logo. How would you feel if there were no logos? No business would stand out from the rest! If you don’t have a logo, you will lose customers/clients that hold that expectation.

So, does every business need a logo? While it is very critical that every business brands itself and ties itself to an image, some small businesses can get away with it. Depending on your type of work you may not need a logo because your clients can care less. But from a professional view-point, every business should have a logo.